So Far, So Good

My model of (nearly) 6 month old, who supports my academic activities by going to sleep without too much trouble.

It’s the first day of #AcWriMo, and I met my goal of three pomodoros of work on a research paper. In fact, I fit in four pomodoros today because I was able to do one during my lunch break and focus on just the paper after Judah went to bed*. I’ve collected about 75 articles on the paper topic – gender and social media – and need to keep making my way through them. As a librarian, I love the collecting phase. It’s so fun to mine literature reviews for more sources and fill up my Zotero collection. But if I keep adding sources, I’ll never get done in time.

The paper is for a class on gender and communication and our assignment is basically a term paper that needs to begin with a good literature review. I believe that the final document is supposed to come in at 20+ pages with most of that the literature review portion. This will be the most extensive literature review I’ve done so far, and it should be good practice for the research method class I’m taking next semester in which we actually have to propose and conduct a study, I believe.

I’m enjoying following the Twitter chat for #AcWriMo. Even though I don’t know the other writers, and they have different goals than me, it’s fun to see people meet their own goals, and I really enjoy reading their posts about their own work. I think it’s fascinating to see the many different ways that people approach academic research and writing.

*I feel like I should take a moment to thank whoever is in charge of this sort of thing that I have a model of baby who will go to sleep basically on his own at six months without more than a few half-hearted protests.

    • Terri
    • November 2nd, 2012

    You should be thankful for that model baby sleeping routine ! I enjoy reading your writings. You make sense.

      • Jess
      • November 2nd, 2012

      Oh, I know I’m pretty lucky. Thanks for reading and the nice words. 🙂

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