Toddler Tweets

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen some photos of this guy from time to time.

We had just enough nice weather for a trip to the park today


He’s pretty cute right? Well, if you followed my library on Twitter a few weeks ago, you may have seen this photo of him too:


Yes, that’s my own Judah tweeting to the nearly 3000 followers of the library account.

Fabulous. You can only imagine my moment of panic.

We were lucky though. It’s pretty obvious that the tweet is from a child. The text didn’t autocorrect to anything terrible. While I fielded responses for the remainder of the evening, most of them were of the “I know how you feel” variety. It quickly because our most popular tweet ever with a whopping 162 retweets and 174 favorites. We added a large number followers over the next week as people continued to find and share it.

So, this stumble turned out to be a win. I’ve since figured out how he was able to tweet from an old phone that did not have the Twitter app installed. It had once been my phone that I used to tweet for the library. Even though the password had since been changed, the camera app was still authorized to send tweets to the @AldenLibrary account. That setting has now been updated.

I know we got lucky. Lots of people are not so lucky when they have social media blunders. It was a good reminder to be careful of security, especially if you connect to your library’s accounts on your own devices. And double especially if you’ve got a curious toddler who enjoys taking forehead selfies.


    • Sherri saines
    • March 9th, 2014

    So now J needs a feed of his own. Give him a dedicated phone and let him have at it!

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